We re-purposed the credenza for easier access to books and items needed on a daily bases

Solving space and storage issues - assembled and put in a 6 cube shelf for more space with matching accent colors for easier access and organization of items




The closet re-organizing was optimized by getting items off the floor that are not used on a daily bases

Clear bins on the shelves help keep items visible and tidy

Shelf dividers help keep the shelf spacing optimized


By starting with an assessment and inventory, we can determine the best use of space for the most productivity in your kitchen.

Pots and pans within reach of the range and not over-stacking

Everyday condiments and snacks at eye level land within reach

Dedicated and reserved areas for specific items helps create a pattern for repeatable organization




The key was keeping costs down re-using and not spending too much on containers. By reducing items that were no longer being used and the purchase of bins that were transparent items could be identified and made better use of.  Shelving was adjusted to make room for golf clubs and other sporting goods.




The goal was to make enough room that a car could be parked in the garage. Success! Old carpeting and flooring in the back corner was removed to make room for the ladders.

Everyday items within reach. It may not look photo shoot ready right now, but it is functional.

I love finding new innovative ways to maximize space and storage. In this case, using bungee cords to hold items in place.

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