T JAMES has made a living out of designing and decluttering people’s homes, work spaces and storage space. He’s kind of like an organizational Superhero.

T has been an artist and designer his entire life which has always kept him organized. He studied design, marketing and advertising in college. He holds a masters degree in advertising design. He spent his career as a graphic designer, art director, creative director, writer and artist. Naturally, his design and artistic background and a touch of OCD has led him to what he is really passionate about. Who would have thought a background in design and computer user experience research would also help in the organizing business? T uses the same tools, research and ideas: interviewing, identify pain points, problems and features to create the architecture/plan and strategy to solve the problem. Taking into account: personas,
empathy, personalities, patience, ingenuity, creativity, a keen eye for finer details, and understanding of efficiency.


The job of an organizer goes beyond decorating. I love the business of cleaning up, streamlining and bringing some style to people’s lives. Finding the balance between function and aesthetics.


The assess stage...


...Heavy objects or furniture, no problem...