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Offering creative home organizing solutions so you can get rid of
the stress.


Providing home organizing and decluttering. I will reduce, arrange and help maintain any area of your home or office so you feel comfortable, stress free, more productive and efficient. Providing simple solutions that clients will be able to carry with them long after we’ve finished our work.

T JAMES is an industry leader and would love to help make your life easier allowing you to decrease stress and spend less time trying to manage clutter.  Contact us today for a complimentary phone assessment and to learn more about all of our services.

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T James has superior organizational and follow- through skills, and I completely trust him. The amount of help T has been to me can not be overstated. Not only has he been stellar at helping me with the things that I knew I needed help with, he made me aware of many things I had overlooked & didn’t even realize needed tending to.

John B.



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